Friday, December 30, 2005

MOSH '06

i'm not there. i wanna be there but i'm not. all because i promised yo i'd be there to watch her perform. so yo you'd better appreciate my presence. be nice to me. i'm giving up a gig to watch you dance. i've never sacrificed a gig for something else before. i'm doing this for you so you must treat me better.

i did it all just for her, for me and my poison girl.
heart awards tomorrow

i'd most probably be allowed to go. that's cause i've been a good boy today. i'll be seeing winifred, yolanda, clarissa, nicol, dexter and others. it'll be fun. but charlotte can't go.

i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you so.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


the hairdresser made my hair straight. for a day only though.
Image hosted by
my new hair. I AM NOT A TWIT. not emo too.

show me some love. i wanna go for heart awards. yolanda's performing!

this is terrence. he's feeling emo. he usually isn't.
Image hosted by
i want you to know that i miss you, i miss you so

as clarissa puts it, "innocent lil emo boyyy"

so long and goodnight.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


party was cool. i didn't touch any alcohol AT ALL. but cristian was totally drunk. we all danced like we were f'ucking crazy. i didn't dirty dance or anything of the sort though. i'm sad.

edwin, jonas, zhihao,amanda kow and i were there first. waited till about 10.30 for roy and wei zhou to come. then waited a while more and went in with zhihao and jonas. it was totally boring at first. then we decided to go back out. when we were waiting for the lift, paul, cristian, elias, wei zhou, roy, edwin, gabriel and some others appeared, and then i knew i would have fun.

even though there was no alcohol, i was as high as the sky, as sharp as a knife, demented as the night was long. i was headbanging with wei zhou. we were f'ucking crazy. then drunk lil' cristian somehow had his shirt removed from his torso and thrown into the crowd, never to return. cristian was quite confused as he didn't have a shirt. luckily, kevin teo had extra and he lent it to cristian. so cristian could dance again. by then, cristian had sobered up.

after chinablack, paul, cristian, edwin, aaron (i think), gabriel, amanda and i went to macdonald's to wait for the first bus at 6am. we were having a bonding session. yes we were. then 6am arrived and everyone 'cept aaron and amanda went to paul's void deck to play truth or dare. then edwin suddenly became THE MAN. cristian kept reminding us. then me, crissy and edwin went to macdonald's at j8 to eat. then i went home.

who's da man? EDWIN YOU

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


mommy was being awful nice by letting me go to chinablack. i'm a happy boy. now all i need are friends. i'm meeting edwin. then i'll see cristian and paul there later on.

gun to my head, your finger to the trigger, NOW PULL THE F'UCKING THING!

Monday, December 26, 2005


the post everyone's been looking forward to. falala at indochine. yes, it's here.

before the party, i went to meet cristian cause he wanted to buy clothes. we went round but couldn't find any shirt his size. cristian is small. so we went for lunch , and then i bought this totally cool card holder from fat wallet at far east plaza.
Image hosted by
cool eh?

so after buying stuff, we went back to cristian's place to swim. at the pool where someone recently drowned. we swam in dead body water. not much difference from normal water though. after swimming, we went back to change and then to paul's house.

paul was naked and i got a photo.
Image hosted by
yes paul.

while we waited for paul to get changed, edwin played with paul's computer. he looked dead serious.
Image hosted by
notice that paul was in the background watching. NOT CHANGING. stupid paul.

we went down to the void deck to wait.
Image hosted by
'tis the season.

when we were all set and ready to go, there came a really big piece of bad news. paul's dad met with an accident. everyone was f'ucking worried. but luckily, there was no major damage.

we went on to indochine. first, we had dinner at food republic. THEN we went to indochine. we borrowed IDs from jingyuan's friends. nicholas tong used the ID of an uber ugly boy and he got in. i used the same ID and luckily, the bouncer let me in. he definitely knew that it wasn't my ID cause i was way better looking than the face on the ID.

the place was really crowded and was NOT fun to dance. i tried to get into the mood by ordering my first cuppa drink. didn't know what was it. i just downed it. NO EFFECT. i went on to dance. not much fun yet. i was bored all the way till about 2 am. that's when i was so tired and mei ling arrived. she thought i was drunk. so i danced with her. i still wasn't in the mood yet.

finally at around 3 am, i felt a surge of adrenaline and i danced like there was no tomorrow. i could not stop. it was crazy. i just kept going on and on and on. there was no stopping. then at 4 am, the party ended.

paul, cristian, gabriel, samantha, chloe and i went to macdonald's for food. then we went back to paul's place. the bus ride was f'ucking scary.

there was this t'ransvestite, alone and drunk. she/he kept talking and singing to him/herself. some stuff he/she said :
  • singing: i don't want to walk with you.
  • saying (translated): don't do it so hard! it hurts!
  • saying to him/herself (translated): i haven't done it in a long time. i can't take it already. i want it!
  • saying (to cristian): whatcha lookin' at, handsome?

all the guys were f'ucking scared. we didn't dare to move, or speak. i was sitting beside paul and he was so shaken. that tranny was desperate for sex. i was sitting on the outer seat and it was f'ucking easy for him/her to reach out and touch me if he/she walked past. cristian was also on the outer seat and he was nearer to him/her.

after what seemed like a million bus-stops, we finally reached paul's place. we played with a trolley, taking turns to push each other down a slope. paul was being a wuss and he didn't dare to take a ride.

after playing with the trolley, we played truth or dare. i was the only stupid one to choose dare and paul made me run round the estate topless. there was people. i had to rub my nipples too. since that, i didn't choose dare anymore.

then at around 9 in the morning, i went back to cristian's place to collect my stuff and then went home.

i forgot to mention that cristian got lucky at indochine, but then some small guy threatened to beat him up. cristian said he could take him on. go crissy poo!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

i'll post about indochine another time. i am sleepy.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

bbq party thing at sentosa. met up with dexter at harborfront yesterday. supposed to meet yolanda. then stuff cropped up and things got complicated so we didn't meet her in the end. we then went to sentosa by ourselves. poor dexter was sick so he didn't have much fun.

we were late for the bbq. but the friends were really friendly. christine(i don't know how to spell, correct me if i'm wrong), joyce, andrew, jia yi, tracy, dex, kris, and of course most importantly, YOYO! yes i had fun.

we went to the beach and yoyo, tracy, kris and i buried our feet in sand. it was so nice. then zhi xiang, andrew, vicky, yoyo, tracy, kris, nicola, nicola's friend (forgot her name) and i played games. such fun! then we went back to the chalet and found other friends in the pool. so we joined them. soon, most everybody was in the pool, except for the sleeping fishies back in the rooms.

i didn't sleep at all. everybody was really tired the next day.
Image hosted by

except dex and i.
Image hosted by

i drank coke and felt wide awake. wore dexter's specs.
Image hosted by

after we checked out of the hotel, we went to harborfront for lunch. yoyo took a picture of chris's sad fry.
Image hosted by
check out the droopy fry at the end. it looks sad.

then in the afternoon, i went for the p6 class gathering. we were supposed to watch Narnia, but the temptation of playing pool (with two exceptionally beautiful ladies, ee ling and caijing!) was too great. ended up playing pool and having lots of fun.

then i went home and felt very sleepy. gotta recharge for indochine tomorrow. goodbye world.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

debbie's back

but i have to go. 'tis a sad thing. winifred will be back tomorrow. yay, everyone's coming back.

indochine on friday.
dear people of the world,
i'll be leaving for sentosa in a few hour's time and i'll probably not be able to blog for quite a while. i'll be back soon and while you all are waiting eagerly for my next post, i suggest you play with your toys to kill time. it'll be lonely, but i'll try to get pictures.

so long and goodbye

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

hello people

i am happy. cause my activities for the next three days are jam-packed. sentosa tomorrow. bbq with dexter and friends and YOYO. yes YOYO. then there's a primary six class gathering on thursday. then on friday, INDOCHINE! yessssssssssssssssssssssss! i promise to take pictures.

i'm so excited, i can't wait to meet you there.
all apologies

please forgive me for the lack of photos. i admit that i have been a lazy donger and i will improve on my blogging attitude. i will post photos when i take new pictures.

all apologies, everyone is gay

Monday, December 19, 2005

pain in my head

i'm not feeling well. i've got a splitting headache. someday, i'll invent a cure for headaches. then i won't have to suffer no more. but till that day arrives, i'll have to bear with it. hope it goes away soon. heal me. touch me with your hands and make me better. not working? i knew it. you're a fake. nothing but a FAKE. i hate you. nevermind. there's panadol.

you've got your head in the clouds but your world's upside down.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

sorry for the recent lack of updates.

first things first. metal gig :
the metal gig was strange. in a sense that 6 people said they could go, and in the end only 3 did, namely prav, elena and i. there was this thrash metal band with a female vocalist. she growls like a man. there was moshing. but very little, it was almost negligible. to sum the gig up, it wasn't up to standard. not my standard at least.

well things weren't going too bad as terrence has some family party thing and so i have something to look forward to. terrence's party thing was probably the funnest. elias, paul, edwin, roy,dexter, terrence, and i were there.

before going to terrence's house, i stopped by dexter's so that we could go together. terrence was being an impatient baby. and he wanted to smuggle elena into his house by saying she's a foreign exchange student. nice try. anyway she didn't go. so terrence was sad. until we played with him.

and me and terrence played pool. terrence has a pool table at home. and he cheats at pool! and so i lost to him. but it's okay. we had fun. then we played guitar and watched the incredibles. we also played with the dog. then we ate stuff too. and we went home at like midnight. terrence's big sis gave roy and i a lift to bishan. but she's a real bad driver and almost killed us all. but overall it was fine. i guess. we didn't die.

there's lotsa stuff to do at terrence's house. i like the dog. it is big. and furry. and doesn't bark a lot. but mostly it's ginormous.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i'm going for the 'gateway to hell' gig tomorrow. with prav, elena, shoo etc.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

that's it, i've f'ucking had enough.

i've finally realized the reason i always feel stoned in the daytime. it's cause that's when i'm supposed to sleep! and then i become hyper at night. i'm turning into a vampyre. either that or it's cause i'm waking up so early in the morning. i need to get some f'ucking sleep! the daytime is boring. and so bleeding hot. have you seen the sun back here? that blasted thing could kill.

bummer i hate the weather.

to all the twits out there in the world, pardon my use for normal english. i find myself unable to comprehend the language that you use. and i'm sorry, i do not find sparkling blogs attractive AT ALL. hence my blog is PLAIN. well at least it goes easy on the eyes eh? while you twits are struggling and trying to understand this, and all you other normal folks out there are laughing at these miserable life-forms we call twits, i'm going to find something to do to entertain myself.

i'm out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i helped renee do up her blog. so now she has to thank me. and she owes me ice cream! oooh i just totally love ice cream.
come back online soon. you know who you are. i'll be waiting. meanwhile i'll just entertain myself by playing with my toys.
once again, i find myself awake at 7 in the morning. i'm a sad boy, because i want to sleep but sleep doesn't come easy. so i blog. blogging seems to be my only way to seek solace from this cruel life that wouldn't allow me to get my sleep. nicol's back from europe and he has chocolates. i hope he shares.

song on iTunes : more than words.

bummer. boredom is killing me. wish someone fun would come online and talk to me. today i shall talk about how to deal. bad things happen to us all the time. trust me, i know. hence we must learn to deal. okay i'm too lazy to blog about this. i shall touch on this topic another time when i'm not too lazy.

song on the tunes : you give love a bad name (bon jovi cover) - atreyu.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

debbie's leaving tonight. bye debb ): winifred's leaving on friday morning. everybody's leaving. leave me here in my stark, raving, sick, sad, little world.

so long and goodbye.
aliens exist.

dear people from all around the world, believe in aliens.

because aliens are real.
i couldn't sleep.

as i lay on my bed tossing, i couldn't help but think of the good times, the times where i was able to sleep. i looked out the window, but couldn't see the moon. after all, 'twas a cloudy night. as i lay there watching, i started thinking about the possibilities of someone getting knocked down by a truck. it seemed all too possible, except there usually weren't much trucks driving in the middle of the night, at least not where i came from. then i thought about alien abduction, wondering why the aliens have not abducted anyone from here yet. or maybe it was a government conspiracy to keep it all hushed up. it doesn't matter. nothing exciting seems to happen around here. i looked downstairs, it seemed peaceful enough. but i know, i know that somewhere somehow, there would be another poor soul just like me, battling his or her own bout of insomnia, unable to sleep. i started to relax. soon, my whole body was still, and i drifted away.

then i woke up 2 hours later and couldn't go back to sleep. so here i am, typing away, revealing my innermost thoughts for a whole world of anonymouses to read.

Monday, December 12, 2005

limpbizkit. one word? or two?

i remember the very first band that i listened to. limpbizkit. i was 11 then. some kid in school was listening to them and he'd let me listen. f'ucking good s'hit they were. the chocolate starfish album. soon, all the 'cool' kids in school seemed to be listening to limpbizkit.but they were listening only cuz the album had the parental advisory label on it. i just liked the heavy sound. it was great music to listen to while tearing your room apart.

i also clearly remember the chocolate starfish being the very first rock cd i bought. i saved for weeks (at such a tender age, my allowance was disgustingly little). finally, i had enough to buy the record. that day, i brought the record home and started listening to it a lot. then one fine day, my mom heard the profanities on the record and she totally flipped. then she threw the record away.

when i turned 12, i started listening to other stuff like blink 182. my mom bought me blink 182's 'take off your pants and jacket' that december. it was totally cool. and i still love it. the next year, i entered high school. freshman-year. that was when i started meeting new people and my music scope was enlarged. i bought papa roach's 'lovehatetragedy' that year. mom also got me slipknot's 'IOWA'.

during my second year in high school, i become really good friends with this skater guy in my class. his name's yong lian. well he introduced me to motley crue and HIM. also mentioned camp-kill-yourself, but i didn't really listen to them at that time. when i first heard motley crue's 'girls, girls, girls', it simply blew my mind. the song was outrageous, and i loved every single part of it. motley crue became, and till this day still remains, as one of my most favorite bands. HIM, on the other hand, didn't really have much impact on me till a little later.

third year was great. i was in a class with students taking music. you see, where i come from, not everyone has the privilege of taking music as a subject. only nine people could take music, and they were all from my class. though most of my classmates were listening to the red hot chili peppers, sum 41, yellowcard, incubus, etc, it didn't stop me from discovering other great bands like guns n' roses, nirvana, led zeppelin, metallica(thanks edmund) etc. this was also the year i listened to a lot of marilyn manson and HIM, though most of my peers disapprove of these bands. i didn't really care what they thought. aound the mid-year, i was into a whole lotta punk. sex pistols, the ramones, the clash, mc5 etc.

fourth year got better. i started listening to warrant, ozzy, skid row, judas priest, KISS, velvet revolver, silvertide and RONIN (this local band which kicks serious ass). then towards the year-end when o levels were just around the corner, i got into heavier s'hit like godsmack, and back to listening to the old papa roach album (infest). i was also into the cure. then exams were over. i stayed home all day. and mellavin introduced me to aerosmith.

i love rock and roll. britney spears can just about piss off.
yes the rumors are true, i hate almost all of you.

how can one be filled with so much angst? living in a society of puke, it's almost depressive to see the aimless life i'm leading. 15-year-old dreams are meant to be discarded, says the grown-ups. but i don't care. everyone is bad and i hate you all.

have a nice f'ucking day.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

never mind the bollocks, here's the SEX PISTOLS
Image hosted by
the sex pistols started a musical legacy that still goes strong today. though, if people really had been listening, no one would ever have tried to copy them. the pistols never tried to sound 'punk' or be obnoxious just for the sake of it (there's a difference between having an opinion and being obnoxious). punk's a way of thought, it's 'do it yourself', it is not a musical style. the sex pistols ARE punk, the rest are 'punk-rock', BIG difference...

quotes on the pistols:

"All the hype the Sex Pistols had was totally deserved. They deserved everything they got. Johnny Rotten was the one I identified with--he was the sensitive one. Never Mind The Bollocks has the best production of any rock record I have ever heard. It’s totally in-your-face and compressed."
Kurt Cobain, Nirvana (Vox Magazine September 1992)

"The king is gone but he's not forgotten. This is the story of a Johnny Rotten".
From the Neil Young song – "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" (Rust Never Sleeps 1979)

"The first time I saw the Sex Pistols was on a poster in my local record store in 1978. I didn’t know who they were, but they scared me and intrigued me at the same time. They looked raw, brash, dirty and inexplicably cool all at once. It wasn’t until a year later that I heard ‘God Save the Queen’ blasting out of the speakers of my local skatepark, and I got the same feeling. Except instead of being scared, I was energized to skate even harder. I still get the same feeling over 20 years later anytime ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ is on. What other band could claim that kind of power? I’m glad they are back on tour because I never got to see them live in those intimidated days."
Tony Hawk, Legendary Skater (June 2003)

Friday, December 09, 2005

We're all going to die!

it seems that people are starting to talk less sense. a little fragment of my convo with elena.

.el-3na. {dinner} says:
maybe my body has a water absorption problem
here without you says:
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
like anything i drink goes out my nose
here without you says:
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
you think?
here without you says:
then don't drink

we're all going loony!

and then i thought renee was elena. this was what happened.

here without you says:
well i don't ever want you to die
here without you says:
but we all got to die someday right?
he can tell she's crying says:
here without you says:
here without you says:
wrong person!
here without you says:
here without you says:
oh no
here without you says:

then me and elena talked about animals.

here without you says:
humans are more prone to feeling miserable
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
i mean animals are happy because they don't know what's going to hit them
here without you says:
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
or even if they're not happy they're just content
here without you says:
except bugs
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
here without you says:
bugs are sad
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
here without you says:
cuz they get squished by people
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
.el-3na. {dinner} says:
but they're happy while they're still unsquished

we're all nuts. i think it's the weather. it's been pretty hot all-year-round. even though it's supposed to be winter in other countries. how are we supposed to get into the festive mood in this condition. the heat is unbearable. stupid heat.

people are feeling rather miserable lately. happy holidays.
photograph - nickelback

Every memory of looking out the back door
Had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
It’s hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye
Every memory of walking out the front door
Found the photo of the friend that I was looking for
It's hard to say it
Time to say it
Goodbye, Goodbye

it's a beautiful song. cristian sent it to me a couple o' days back. now that i've graduated, i'm starting to miss my friends, the fun we've had in class.
We used to listen to the radio
And sing along with every song we’d know
We said someday we’d find out how it feels
To sing to more than just the steering wheel
it's these times that helped me get through high school. without my friends, i couldn't have made it through.

i thank:
terrence nicol dexter daryl ivan jason cristian mellavin DeCon edwin yew (i'm not kidding) paul aaron zhihao and me. that's right. me motherf'ucker. gotta do something for yourself in this life. and if i've forgotten anyone, tough t'itty. i can't possibly remember everything all the time. i love you anyway.

Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

i have a new pig.

i had wanted a horse instead, so that i could ride her. but no, she wanted to be a pig. a pink pig. so i let her. now i've got me a BRAND NEW PIG! isn't that nice? now i have to name her.

she seems mysterious so i'll call her Mystery. she also seems graceful and majestic, so i'll call her Grace, or Majesty, or Debbie. alright. Debbie it is! my new pig. (: she's a pretty pig.

yay people! i love my new pig!

it is interesting. i know of people whose names have alliteration.
mellavin mar
cristian chen
nicol ngiam
justin jap
clarissa chow
terri tan
interesting eh?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


i am so bored. boredom is probably one of the worst feelings ever, together with embarrassment. the feeling just sucks. imagine being bored AND embarrassed AT THE SAME TIME. oh gosh. what could possibly be worse. but i'm not embarrassed now. just BORED. i wish someone would entertain me.

there's clarissa. she's entertaining me!
Image hosted by
clarissa! isn't she pretty? xD

behind blue eyes says:
i wanna
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
wanna what?
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
the Poo Pee Package
'i am CLARR (: the brudders have funkaye spongebob boxers YO ! says:
please note the Alliteration

gosh she's the LAMEST. haha.

'i am CLARR (: says:
'i am CLARR (: says:
behind blue eyes says:
behind blue eyes says:
what happened?
behind blue eyes says:
tell me!
'i am CLARR (: says:
'i am CLARR (: says:
'i am CLARR (: says:
'i am CLARR (: says:
'i am CLARR (: says:
behind blue eyes says:
behind blue eyes says:
you are so LAME

yes. that's her alright. isn't she the cutest? i guess i'm not so bored after all.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

funny how time flies when you're having fun.

i'm not having any fun at all. i'm suffering from a severe lack of sleep. and lack of fun. hardly any fun people online.

cristian: eh i know how roy picks up girls. he turns into a pigeon, s'hits on their head, and turns into human again to wipe it off and meet them.
paul: wtf la cristian hahahahaha
cristian is very very weird ladies and gentlemen.

a little extract from a testimonial from paul to cristian.

original message from paul:
Cristian s'hit in his pants. Cristian was eating ice cream, wanted to fart, instead s'hit liquid came out, and hence the stains on his underpants. Ha.Yes. CRISTIAN S'HIT IN HIS PANTS.

cristian is strange. and he looks like that bloke who acted as harry potter. a slighty smaller and more twisted version of harry potter man. cristian has a new phone. the phone that shines colorful lights. like kiddie shoes. it's an emo phone.


i've got nothing to do and elena's in hong kong. people online are not much fun.

Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm Back.

people i'm back from the chalet. DeCon's chalet. main people there - yong lian, hanqi, xi liang, justin, and me. some other people - alvin chua, zhen hao, and benjy? i never saw benjy, but he was sighted by the others.

i went there on the second dayin the afternoon, and by the time i got there, they were already in wild wild wet. talk about being late. so alvin, zhen hao and i had to wait till they got out. damn it was a f'ucking long wait. but they finally came out and we went back to the room. then alvin chua and zhen hao decided to stay in the chalet to do god-knows-what. so yong lian, xi liang, hanqi, justin and i went out.

we went to a karaoke place in tampines. i never knew that there were english songs in k-box. there was sweet child o' mine, don't cry, livin' on a prayer, hotel california, desperado, all the small things, it's my life, stairway to heaven and many more. cool eh?

well the down side was that everything there was f'ucking expensive, so we tried not to order too much stuff. we were there from around 9 plus till almost 2 am. i never knew that was possible. then again, i don't know lots of things. anyway, WE HAD FUN.

then we when back to the chalet. when we got back, we recieved unfortunate news that zhen hao had to go home because of a fever. we all feel for him. on second thoughts, him going home meant that there would be more space to sleep in. and one less person to stack me. that night, they stacked me ONCE. cuz everyone was too tired. we slept at 3am.

we woke up at twelve the next day, and bummed around till about one. then we went swimming. they tried to strip me in the pool but my pants weren't that loose, so they couldn't. the pool water was revolting. it was salty, like a hundred little babies had pissed in it. it tasted bad. and it made our hair dry and damaged.

after the swim, we went bowling. and guess what? i beat them all. owned their asses. every single one of them. HAHA. okay. so then we went for dinner and stuff. rather uneventful so i shan't elaborate. except that the man at the western food stall hated hanqi and i so he gave us s'hit chicken. f'uck you, old man!

then we went back to the room and watched a little telly. watching tv was damn boring. after tv, it was time to get serious. we played cards, and loser had to take a shot of whiskey. when we finished the whiskey, things got worse. this time, loser has to drink half a bottle of water, FROM A 1.5l BOTTLE.

yong lian and xi liang both drank 5 times, hanqi drank 4, i drank 3 and justin drank 2. by the third bottle, i was really f'ucked up and couldn't drink anymore. so we ended the game and played some other harmless games. we slept at 4 am that night and we kept going to the toilet. i'm never gonna drink water again. ugh.

i just got home and i'm tired.

oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock & roll, and drift away.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

DeCon's Chalet Today.

chalets are meant to be fun. i hope this one is.

somehow i feel that my more recent posts lack substance. i'm not putting enough effort and passion in my writing. i can't seem to post anything that is thought provoking, or at least leave people with something to think about while waiting for the train. my brain seems to be stagnant, void of all meaningful thoughts. and all that i seem to be talking about are stupid quizzes and cartoon characters.

i think it's the way i'm living my life that's affecting me. all i seem to be doing is sit in front of my computer, stay home to take care of my 9-year-old brother who STILL thinks he's a pokemon. well occasionally i go out with my friends. but i don't seem to be doing anything productive.

i reckon i need to see a shrink. for some reason, i'm not stoked about the DeCon chalet anymore. well at least not as stoked as before. something seems to be wrong. well all i can look forward to is the clubbing sessions for the next two nights. i hope i have fun.

i haven't touched my guitar in a long while. almost two days. i feel guilty as hell. oh woe is me. my strings are out of tune and i haven't bothered to tune them. don't get me wrong now, i LOVE my guitar, it's just that i can't be bothered to tune it.

suddenly people seem to be talking to me about religion. asking me to go to church and stuff. i'm not gonna go.
first, i don't have the time.
second, i don't see the point.
third, i'm not into religion.
so please stop asking me to go to church and stuff. i've realized that religion has no help whatsoever. worshipping volcanoes won't help either.

feeling stoned can be one of the worse feelings in the world. like when you're gonna do something exciting, you suddenly have no mood to do anything at all. bummer. when you're stoned, you feel like sleeping. DON"T. because sleeping will only make it worse. especially afternoon naps. when you wake up, you'll feel doubly stoned. so don't ever sleep when you're stoned. drink some COKE.

you said to love the enemy, my love is thee enemy. they say they don't want fame, but they get famous when we f'uck.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Patrick Star.

it seems that i have recently developed an unexplainable attraction (not sexual ones, of course) towards Patrick Star. Patrick is a starfish, you see, and he isn't very smart. this is a conversation between Patrick Star and a ManRay.

ManRay: Excuse me, sir, but I believe you dropped your wallet.
Patrick: It doesn't look familiar to me.
ManRay: What? But I just saw you drop it. I am trying to be a good citizen, and return it to you.
Patrick: Return what to who?
ManRay: [reaching into the wallet and pulling out Patrick's I.D] Are you a Mr. Patrick Star?
Patrick: Yep.
ManRay: And this is your I.D.
Patrick: Yep.
ManRay: And I found it in this wallet, and therefore, this must be your wallet.
Patrick: Makes sense to me.
ManRay: So, take it.
Patrick: It's not my wallet.

so as you can see, Patrick isn't exactly very smart.

this is Patrick.
Image hosted by
he doesn't look very smart either.

i still like Patrick anyways. i give him : 9/10 stars!

Patrick Star says :
I'll tell you a little story called "The Ugly Barnacle": Once there was a very ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everybody died. The End.

thanks for stopping by!
DeCon's chalet on saturday.

i'll be going, and hopefully, there's gonna be clubbing at night. i look forward to the fun. i know where to get video codes. yes! i'd finally figured out where to get these codes. i shall include it in my links so you can go there too.

hurray people. it's time for some fun!

Thursday, December 01, 2005


1. NAME: mervyn
3. DO PEOPLE FIND YOU STRANGE: pretty much, i guess. bunch of raving loonies
9. ARE YOU YOUNG: nope. childhood's over when you know someday you're gonna die.
10.EVER BEEN A LEADER OF SOMETHING: i should think so
12.LAST ODD THING DONE: trying to do a forward flip on the hotel bed
14.DO YOU REBEL: i should think so
27.ARE YOU GOTHIC: i don't know
29.CONSUME DRUGS: medicine?
31.YOUR SKIN COLOR: too tan
33.HAVE YOU LOST SOMEONE YOU LOVE: i don't remember
36.YOUR HEART DESIRES TO BE WITH WHOM: the girl at the rock show
37.YOU'RE LISTENING TO: Bloodflowers by The Cure
40.PARTING WORDS: i love myself.

i'm feeling sick. i think i've caught a cold. my throat feels uncomfortable and i can't stop sneezing. damn. being sick sucks. and i still have to take photos for my bus pass and my ID card. DAMN.

mortals. BAHH!